Monday, 11 February 2019

You may have guessed, we had a few days away last week

There was snow when we first arrived...and guess who enjoyed it

although William wasn't entirely convinced about this strange white stuff


Sue said...

That was fun! Had to watch it twice.

robin cox walsh said...

LOL He doesn't look too sure about the whole situation..... ;)

Eileen said...

Wow that is a lot of snow. William doesn't like Dad throwing balls that fall apart, very perplexing :)
We had hardly any of the white stuff here!

tammy j said...

he seems to loves the snow! what a little love he is!
they all seem to love snow.
except for a few non snow-loving dachshunds I know.
but that might only be due to low lying undercarriages. LOL!

ann Somewhere2Sketch said...

Sue, that's great to know, I'll tell William you enjoyed seeing him twice :)

Robin, exactly right, he was confused. After all, we hadn't warned him about the snow....we're so bad! lol ;)

Eileen, you're right. William sort of wanted to run around, but wasn't sure. Then dad decided to have a game, William couldn't understand why he couldn't 'catch' the snowballs! lol

Tammy, William was fine on the lead, but when it came to having the chance to run in the snow, he just stood there...such a silly lad. lol

sandy said...

ahh beautiful sketch.

ann Somewhere2Sketch said...

Thanks Sandy :)

C.L.W.STEP said...

BOL! We have lots and lots of snow falling right now, and there's no sign of stopping. (Good thing my ghostwriter is off work today!) It actually is fun to play in, William. But don't be fooled by snowballs. They just explode in your mouth, or else disappear in the snow bank. Have fun!

ann Somewhere2Sketch said...

"I know exactly what you mean Chester. Dad thought it fun throwing the snow, but it just seemed to disappear, as if by magic! Take care over there in the snow, I hope it doesn't get too deep.....❤️William"